# Pack and Publish Your Project

When used standalone, a project generator's output is an in-memory folder structure. This allows you to run the generator in any environment without depending on the ability to write to the disk.

If you want to have a running app and, you can use the project packer.

In this tutorial, we'll use the Next project generator and the Now publisher.


There are multiple publishers available, part of the teleportHQ ecosystem. The setup is similar and you can find the complete API documentation in the corresponding section of the docs.

Now, let's start our project packer setup. First, install the dependencies: the project generator, the project-packer package as well as the now publisher.

npm install @teleporthq/teleport-project-generator-next
npm install @teleporthq/teleport-project-packer
npm install @teleporthq/teleport-publisher-now

To create a now publisher, you first need to create a Zeit deploy token from your account settings (opens new window). After you have your zeit deploy token, you can begin to create the packer and pack your project:

import ProjectPacker from "@teleport/teleport-project-packer"
import NextGenerator from "@teleporthq/teleport-project-generator-next"
import NowPublisher from "@teleport/teleport-publisher-now"

const projectUidl: ProjectUIDL = {
  /* ... */



const result = await ProjectPacker.pack(projectUidl)


The result will be an object of type PublisherResponse

Sample output:

  success: true
  payload: "https://teleport-project-template-next.now.sh"