# How to Contribute

We encourage heavy community involvement around this project. We strongly believe in the power of open source, so we're planning on building the best possible code generators, together with the entire development community.

If you like this project, feel free to contribute on our GitHub repository (opens new window)

We envision different types of involvement from this point on:

  • Trying out the generators and reporting back any bugs and potential points of improvement
  • Contributing to the existing issues, either on the core modules or on the existing generators and plugins
  • Exploring and building new plugins for the existing generators
  • Exploring and building new generators based on the existing architecture

# Something missing?

Reach out to us!

# Transparent process and planning

Technical decisions were made and will be made in the future. Our process will be as transparent as possible as we strongly believe in open source and transparency. Hence, our entire planning and thinking process is done on github, where we invite the community to join, in an effort to develop the code generators ecosystem as reliably and as stable as possible. Considering that our aim is to build a community around our open source code, we decided to build a modular architecture and a plugin based system that allows us to decompose our code generators into smaller parts that can be re-assembled in new ways.